Hua main Piano Notes

Hua Main Piano Notes | Animal | Ranbir & Rashmika

Hua main Piano Notes
Full Piano Notes Of Hua Main Song From Movie Animal. This Song Is Very Interesting For Playing Piano Casio Or Keyboard. This Is Piano Notes, Saregama Notes, Western Notes, Casio Notes, Harmonium Sargam, Keyboard Notes and Chords. It is Piano Notes For Hindi Songs, Bollywood Songs Piano Notes.

Song : Hua Main
Movie : Animal
Singers : Manoj
Lyrics :
Chords :
Online Piano Course :
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Piano Notes :
Notes By : Ankush Harmukh

Notes :

Chhua Toone
C+D+F+ F+G+
Beh Gaya Main,
C+D+F+ F+G+
D+A#C+ A#C+D+D#+D+C+

Jo Ab Tak Kisi Ne
G+G+G+ G+G+G+
Kabhi Na Kiya Ishq Aisa
G+G+F+D+C+ C+D+F+ F+G+
Ishq Aisa
C+D+F+ F+G+
D+A#C+ A#C+D+D#+D+C+

Aisi Deewanagi Se
G+G+ G+G+G+G+ G+
Main Chahun Tujhe
G+G+ F+D+C+
Jaise Pehli Dafa
C+A# C+C+C+C+
Koyi Paagal Hua Hua Main
C+C+ C+C+C+C+ C+C+A#G

Hua Main, Hua Main
D+D+D+C+, D+D+D+C+ F+E+D+C+C+
Dua Se Main Utha
C+C+A#G, G+G+A#+A+G+F+
Jo Tera Hua Main
E+E+F+E+D+ F+E+D+, C+C+A#G
Hua Main Raanjhanaa
D+D+D+C+, D+D+D+C+ F+E+D+C+C+
Hua Main
C+C+A#G A# C+ D+


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